Easy clean finish cleaning products uses

Clean dirty products effortlessly
Durable Decontamination Effect with little-to-no detergent needed
Reduce laundering time and dependence on harsh detergents
Contains no Freon

Best Microfiber towels - Antimicrobial Microfiber Towels

The antimicrobial feature of our towels consists of a special process by which Nanosilver particles are embedded into the microfiber material.This process is conducted during the initial stages of the fiber’s production at the textile mill.

What are Microfiber products used for ?

You can use microfiber cleaning cloths for cleaning  just about everything and every surface,

Kitchen / Bath room / Floor / Window / Mirrors / Dish ......  

Poncho Towel

Poncho towel is one of the product sell like hot cakes, which is very popular in European and USA and Australia.

Round Beach Towel - Picnic Blanket

With various novel style and extensive use, Towelswell round beach towels, which is made of cotton or microfiber with varied original printed designs, are popular to many customers for a long time.Towelswell

Towelswell Towel only will be better

Life rhythm speeding up, working on the complicated noisy, you and I need a place to relax the pressure and enjoy life. 

Components of microfiber Cloth

Microfiber used for cleaning products is a very thin synthetic filament (a fiber about the size of a human hair) that has been extruded with two synthetic polymers — polyester and polyamide (nylon). 

Innovative Antimicrobial Towel Product

Towelswell is producing fibers coated with a chemical compound that has been proven to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, disinfecting with an effectiveness rate of 99.99%.