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How to properly use a towel ?

1,A towel to someone special, special towel special (at this point we all know). Number of towels per person per day should be 4-5. Divided face towels, foot towels, bath towels and daily personal maintenance of a small towel, and women also particularly to increase a personal physical health towels.

How to Choose Best Bathrobes?

A single piece of clothing which can be used for several purposes is the bath robe. Its an must have apparel in everybody’s wardrobe especially in case of women. A bathrobe can used for many things like bundling after a shower or bath, covering the body from the sun at a beach and at swimming pool and can be used as quick apparels while relaxing or dressing up. For now let us talk about bathrobes and few tips to choose the best ones.

What a good baby bath towels material ?

Parents will be particularly tangled in the choice of baby supplies, in the end what is good, especially the towel this kind of thing is going to direct contact with the baby, so we must choose carefully, or your baby's delicate skin might cause some damage.

Purchasing hotel towels need to know common sense

The hotel is currently used mostly hotel towels cotton products or cotton blended products.

The hotel is currently used mostly cotton products hotel towel or cotton blended products.

Cotton fiber has the following characteristics:
1, good moisture absorption,
In humid air, its moisture absorption capacity of up to 25% --30%. Cotton fabric shrinkage of about 4% - 10%.

2, good expansion, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity is poor;

What is Microfiber ?

Microfiber definitions vary, also known as micro-fiber, fine denier fiber, fine fiber. Microfiber or microfibre is synthetic fiber finer than one or 1.3 denier or decitex/thread. This is 1/100th the diameter of a human hair and 1/20th the diameter of a strand of silk. 

Microfiber towels Features

The main absorbent towel material is microfiber, the fiber fineness of the microfine fiber diameter of 0.4μm silk only 1/10. Imports from the loom made of cloth towels, and its surface properties of uniform, compact, soft, high elasticity of the fine cashmere Mission, a strong decontamination, water absorption. To be polished surface without the slightest injury, common cilia do not produce cotton fabric falling; washable, and durable.

How to choose the best towels?

There are six standard optional towel:

1. Fluffy texture, Soft to the touch.
Such flexibility in the hand towel touching, attached to the face, giving the feeling of a soft cheek, remember towel dry and hard, so as not to damage the skin.

The use of the beach towels and technology

Beach towel size is relatively large, and the same can be wrapped in a bath towel around his waist, draped over his body, tied to the neck and head, as covered ornaments, you can also shop on the beach side of the moisture barrier of sand traps, one can lie on the other side sunbathing on the beach. In fact, the biggest role beach towel or quick dry water body surface people, because the skin in a wet state, the sun's ultraviolet rays by the pool or sea reflection, resulting effect will be three times the sun when dry! And do not dry after swimming the body of water, erythema, skin pain and blisters will definitely find you, so we play in the water or swimming outdoors, be sure to bring a beach towel.